Decision: Should You Rely on Your Intuition?

When making a decision, intuition can help you or sink you… depending on whether your situation is simple, complicated or complex.

Excerpts from the book: Decision-Making Excellence. See Chapter 12 of the book.

The longer you live, the more experience you accumulate: You are confronted with many situations and you observe the consequences of one action rather than another. It is thanks to experience that we are able to anticipate: to see things before they happen like an accident, a danger or a disaster, or to be able to say that 3 elements together will produce a certain result. Intuition is fed by experience. A good intuition is often equal to good experience.

From the intuitive manager to the collective intuition

Thus, many books encourage us to become intuitive managers: trust your intuition! There is no need for decision-making excellence, just follow your intuition. All this seems dangerous if we just think about our 188 cognitive biases.

Individual intuition is a by-product of experience that has been built in a particular context, a particular environment. In a one-dimensional framework that is stable, standardized and known, individual intuition is a powerful tool for decision-making. It leads you far beyond expertise and pure intelligence.

In a multidimensional framework that is unstable, unpredictable and uncertain, this same individual intuition will lead you to a dead-end… unless it has emerged from collective intuition through a co-construction process. Collective intuition results from the confrontation and hybridization of diverse experiences. However, if diversity is not there around the table because you have gathered an army of clones or the X management committee, then collective intuition will be totally ineffectual.

When faced with complexity, I do not know with certainty. I have an intuition that solution A is better than solution B. If the intuition for solution A is purely individual, you will not have the same result as if individual intuition is the fruit of collective intuition co-constructed by a diversity of viewpoints.

“Since I believe I do not know, I know more than those who believe they know!” Dare Hignorense

Author: Olivier Zara

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