The Collective Intelligence Manifesto

decision-making excellence

How do you take collective intelligence to infinity and beyond in your organization? In answer to this question, I offer you 9 principles that will enable you to move from intention to action.

WARNING: This manifesto is intended for readers who have mastered the tools and concepts of collective intelligence (books, conferences, training). I would need several hundred pages to define and explain the terms used in this manifesto… and then it would no longer be a manifesto, but a book!

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Excerpts from the book: The Chief Always Speaks Last. See Chapter 3 of the book.

1. Differentiate the simple, the complicated and the complex

Differentiate the simple, the complicated and the complex in order to choose the right management mode and to achieve decision-making excellence. Each decision-maker (manager, expert, leader) can be confronted with 3 different situations that involve 3 different decision-making processes.

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